Snow & Ice Management

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Snow & Ice Management

Keep Your Property Safe for You and Your Guests

Providing Snow and Ice Removal for Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis Counties

At Lawn Butler, we not only pride ourselves on taking care of your land, but we also provide extensive plowing and snow maintenance services in Utah to take the stress out of every snowfall.

Winter can be a difficult season for most, especially in Utah. But with our snowplows, snowblowers, and manpower, we can clean snow problems right out of your way. Our winter team is on call 24/7 to help with even the heaviest snowfalls and storms.

We have the plows, equipment, and skills to clear snow and melt ice from anything, sidewalks and large commercial complexes included. No matter what Mother Nature throws at you, our snow and ice removal team keeps your Utah property safe.

How We Can Help

Lawn Butler is a full-service ice and snow management provider. Whether you need sidewalk clearing, parking lot plowing, or ice management, we have the resources and personnel to get the job done. With more than 100 mechanical assets and 200 team members, Lawn Butler stands as the largest single and privately owned snow removal and management company along the Wasatch Front.

When winter comes around, a slip and fall is every property manager’s and real estate owner’s nightmare. Not only do you want to keep your site safe for tenants, customers, and the general public, but you also want to avoid the liability of an injury occurring on your property.
Lawn Butler offers comprehensive snow and ice removal and management services. Snow removal is a single service provided once in response to fallen snow. Snow management begins with a proactive approach to our customers’ needs. We begin months in advance to prepare your property and our teams for the coming weather. Lawn Butler takes snow and ice management seriously to ensure that your property is safe for both your staff and your clients.

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Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis County Snow Management Services

Full-Scale Snow Plowing

Regardless of the size of your property, our highly skilled snowplow team is available 24/7 to clear your property after heavy snowfalls. We offer full-scale shoveling and plowing services that can be executed once or included in season-long management plans.Lawn Butler strives to ensure safety for you and your customers during and after winter storms. Our equipment and talented snow removal team can reduce your concerns during the winter season by clearing snow from your property.

Sidewalk Clearing and Removal

Sidewalks are highly trafficked hardscapes that need to be attended to after winter storms. Reduce your workload by allowing Lawn Butler to shovel and salt your sidewalks, creating safe walkways for you and your visitors. Our equipment and manpower allow for quick sidewalk clearing and removal. With our plows, blowers, and salt, we clear snow and melt ice from sidewalks effectively so your liabilities are minimized and your property remains safe.

Salting and Ice Control

Ice is often the most dangerous result of the winter season. One slip or fall can result in serious consequences for your business. Salting driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and hardscapes decreases the freezing point of water, so that existing ice melts and water is less likely to freeze. Our ice control team responds promptly to your needs by melting ice, preventing ice formation, and ensuring that your landscape and property stay safe all winter long.

Snow Stacking and Removal

To clear properties after big winter storms, snow plows often stack snow, compromising the usability of parking lots, sidewalks, and other hardscapes. With Lawn Butler’s snow stacking and snow removal services throughout Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis Counties, we stack snow so it does not interfere with trafficked areas. We also specialize in removing snow stacks so that your property remains clean and clear after heavy winter storms.

Christmas Lighting, Decor, and Decorating

Make a festive entrance into the holiday season with our lighting and decorating services. Lawn Butler’s Christmas decorating services take the hard work out of the holiday seasons. We install Christmas lights and decorations to trees, roofs, shrubbery, and other landscape elements. We also provide prompt takedown services as soon as the holidays are over.

Snow Removal Laws

Utah laws dictate that property managers are responsible for removing snow on their properties after a large snowstorm. In Salt Lake City, specifically, there are additional ordinances that require property owners to remove snow and ice from the entire sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours of the storm. Discover how snow removal laws apply to property managers in Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis Counties.