Landscape Development

Create a Gorgeous Landscape for Your Building

When it comes to Utah landscape development: no one knows it better than Lawn Butler.  Our team has landscaped some of the highest profile projects in Utah.  We have installed a new golf course at the Hidden Valley Country Club and remodeled a patio in the heart of downtown, Salt Lake City.  With our extensive expertise and skill set: you know that your landscape will turn heads and take breaths away. Our experienced workforce brings years of the best landscape-installation practices to your project.

Making your property look beautiful is just as important to us as it is to you.  Our award-winning landscape development team carefully calculates the materials needed for each project, whether it be: flowers, trees, shrubs, fertilizer, irrigation-equipment, or other tools. Our custom strategy is tailored to best fit your objectives, the current time of year, and your vision.  Planting in the Spring requires different practices than planting in the Summer; Lawn Butler knows exactly how to create and maintain a landscape or lawn based on the time of year and your personal project goals.

We are committed to delivering an outstanding project by using the right products, the correct equipment and our experienced and talented team.  When you hire Lawn Butler you will receive the landscape of your dreams in a timely manner.

Landscape Development Services

Landscape Design

Create the perfect landscape design for your business or property.  We can perfectly create the Utah landscape you have envisioned; we can also make recommendations based on the expert opinions of our highly-skilled design team if you are unsure what you would like your landscape to look like.  The Lawn Butler design team can help choose flowers, trees, shrubs, and hardscapes that will best complement the colors and architecture of your building.  Our team has designed and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Utah.

Golf Course Development

The design and installment of a recreational golf course is a complicated process that often involves significant time and resources. Lawn Butler has years of experience leading Utah golf-course-development projects.  Our course-development team can provide everything from design to installation of your golf course.  It is our priority to create a golf course that will exceed your expectations and provide an optimal and rewarding experience for your guests.

Sports Field Development

Lawn Butler’s Landscape Development team specializes in the development of multi-use sporting arenas.  We can create soccer fields, football fields, lacrosse stadiums, baseball fields, indoor athletic surfaces, running tracks and more.  We are able to accomplish your sporting facility needs with either natural or synthetic turf.  We also can facilitate the installment of bleachers and scoreboards for the perfect, complete sports complex.

Water Features

Take your landscape to the next level with a beautiful water feature.  Lawn Butler can design and install stunning water features to make your property look as gorgeous as ever.  The Lawn Butler team specializes in the installment and design of ponds, waterfalls, fish ponds, reflecting pools, ornament ponds, streams and water gardens: for a landscape that perfectly compliments your property.


Whatever your plant goals are: our talented team of Utah arborists can provide the best services for your needs.  Our tree and plant specialists can successfully evaluate the condition of your landscape, your property goals, the local climate, and the condition of your soil to determine the plant life that will be the most successful within your landscape, and best accent the appearance of your property.  We can then prepare the landscape for the new plants and determine where each tree, shrub or flower should be placed for maximum aesthetic benefit and plant health.  Our team will properly install each plant and also facilitate all necessary post-planting tasks to improve plant lifespan, health, and appearance.

Hardscape Design and Installation

Improve the functionality of your landscape by adding a gorgeous hardscape to it.  Lawn Butler’s hardscape construction services can be used to liven up your landscape or to create usability with extra, unused space.  We use top-of-the-line pavers, bricks, and stone to ensure durability and beauty in our hardscape creations.  Our Utah hardscape team can install firepits, walkways, patios, and more. If you have a vision for your landscape hardscape surfaces, we will bring it to life.  If you are unsure what hardscapes you need or what you would like them to look like, our team can make recommendations and design hardscapes that will best accent your property.


Ensure that your lawn remains healthy, hydrated and beautiful throughout the changes in Utah weather, with our exceptional irrigation services. Lawn Butler can design, install and maintain durable and effective Utah irrigation systems.  We install sprinklers to keep your lawn as healthy and green as possible throughout warmer seasons.  Our team can design an irrigation system based on the structure of your landscape.  We can also maintain the system after the initial installation and also provide seasonal start-up and shut-off seasons to minimize long-term maintenance expenses.


Golf course construction and renovation work can be extremely challenging, with many unforeseen problems to overcome. Erickson Landscaping always makes it seem easy by being very well prepared, cooperative, and patient. With Erickson Landscaping you can be assured that they will have the right tool for the job and a well trained crew.

Larry Emery
Golf Course Superintendent
Hidden Valley Country Club


At Lawn Butler, we work hard to prove how hassle-free your property can be when you hire us. It's a simple philosophy shared by all our staff: That the trust you place in us to take care of your property is a privilege we have to earn, And if you give us the chance, we will earn it.

When we take on a project, you'll find all that's left for you is to relax and literally enjoy the view.