We’ll Shovel Your Driveway, So Get Out and Have Some Fun, Utah-Style

salt lake city in winter

Each winter, we’re dedicated to getting out there and cleaning up every single flake of snow that gets in your way of a safe driveway and sidewalk experience. We wouldn’t have it any other way — it’s one of our areas of expertise here at Lawn Butler. But even in the heart of snow season, […]

Landscaping: Pavers with Purpose

pavers in beautiful front yard

Truth be told, stepping stones, pathways or landscaping pavers are often an afterthought in any outside space. After all, the walkway in the front of a home or near a driveway is certainly more function than form. It delivers us and our guests from the outside world to the front door in a purposeful way. […]

Snow Removal Laws in Utah for Property Managers

Utah is known for being home to the “greatest snow on earth.” In fact, Salt Lake City receives an average of 54 inches of snow each year, while the United States as a whole receives just 28. But at what point does abundant snowfall become a nuisance for property managers? Utah snow removal laws stipulate […]

This Winter, Watch Your Back When Shoveling Snow

man shoveling snow off car

Utah is known for some of the most scenic winter scenery on the planet. Our snow is gorgeous, hands down. But it can be dangerous, too — especially for those who suffer with back pain. The first of the hazardous conditions that accompanies winter is that beautiful snow itself. With snow comes snow removal, often […]

Best Ice Removal for Commercial Properties

snow blowing trucks at target

What’s Best for Removing Ice From Commercial Properties? When dense snow piles up on your property, you can’t just sit inside with a cup of hot cocoa and admire the scenery. As a property manager, you need to be on the scene before the first snowflake hits the ground to prevent thick ice and snow […]

Commercial Lawn Fertilization Best Practices

fertilizer spreader

Summer Lawn Care: When Should You Apply Fertilizer? When spring comes around, property managers are most concerned with helping grass recover from harsh Utah winters, which involves getting the grass green and healthy again. In summer, it’s all about maintaining your lawn’s health throughout sweltering heat, bright sunlight, and increased foot traffic. Turf fertilization is […]

Trim Those Trees for a Nice ROI on Your Home

3 luxury lounge chairs in backyard with beautiful landscape

Regardless of where you live, there’s little doubt that trees add a lot of character to your property. On top of that, trees can also add value to your home. For example, one statistic referenced by the Arbor Day Foundation suggests trees can be worth up to $10,000 each. Other data described by HGTV note […]

Snow & Ice Management

lawn butler winter truck plowing snow

Keep Your Property Safe for You and Your Guests Providing Snow and Ice Removal for Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis Counties At Lawn Butler, we not only pride ourselves on taking care of your land, but we also provide extensive plowing and snow maintenance services in Utah to take the stress out of every snowfall. […]

How to Avoid Brown Spots for Your Commercial Lawn

As a commercial property owner, the last thing you need is dead, brown spots on your lawn. Your property, whether a retail location, office park, or apartment complex, loses a considerable amount of curb appeal when surrounded by crispy brown patches of grass. Sometimes you know the cause — maybe high temperatures or under-watering? —but […]