Winter Prediction 2017-18

Winter Prediction 2017-18

With the winter just around the corner many people continue to ask what will this winter bring? Should they plan for a big winter, or a small winter in terms of snow fall. Well here at Lawn Butler, we have prepared several scenarios to help you plan for this upcoming winter. Our theory is based on several different factors in which we have outlined below. In short, don’t plan on this winter being less than a 40-50-inch average.

El Nino and La Nina:

According to our graph below over the last several weeks, water temperatures in the tropical Pacific have been steadily cooling and La Niña conditions are becoming established. Additionally, future forecast models now suggest this cooling will continue through the fall. In short, these trends have necessitated some changes in our thinking for the winter.

Currently our trend is on track for the same “La Nina” that we had in 2007-2008 which brought in a Whooping 73.5 inches at the airport. In way of comparison, last winter was 54 inches.

2007-2008 Winter Season Trend:

History Repeats Itself:

We believe that history repeats itself and that things happen in trends. Our all-time low in way of snow fall was in 2014-15 season where we received a total of 8 inches of snow at the airport. The last time we had a winter this light on snow was in 1933-34 with a total of 14 inches of snow. As we compare these two years as our trend in tracking and compares very closely from each year prior to that. If we continue with this trend, we should see roughly a 70-inch winter at the airport.  According to data below here is the snow fall trends we may be repeating.

Farmers Almanac:

The famers almanac agrees with us as they say this winter should be colder with a lot of moisture. Which will create more of that white fluffy stuff Utah is known for. Their predictions call for a much colder and much wetter December, with January and February backing off in both temperatures as well as precipitations.

In all, Lawn Butler after much research thinks it should be an average or above average winter. So, if you are looking for a great snow management company that can help you tackle your winter concerns, then Lawn Butler is the company that you should consider.