Why We Spend Thousands of Dollars on Safety Boots

Why We Spend Thousands of Dollars on Safety Boots

It’s spring time and the air is cool and crisp; a light jacket is needed, and the chatter around the office with anticipation and excitement as boxes are being brought in by the truck load. As we do every year, it’s our annual Spring Safety Breakfast at Lawn Butler, and the overwhelming smell of fresh leather pours out of boxes ready to protect the heart of our business.

At Lawn Butler the idea of safety is more then just a suggestion or an idea in the company, it’s truly part of the company culture. Part of our standard operations of procedures requires weekly safety training meetings, monthly safety breakfast, and of course the annual safety boot BBQ each spring.

The idea of buying safety boots can get over looked by many because they wear out quickly and can get expensive. At Lawn Butler the company spends thousands of dollars over the past 5 years handing out safety boots. With an average boot count of 100 boots each year. The idea of handing out boots to every company team member is much more than the idea of safety, it’s the idea of putting the most valuable asset, the employee, first.

So, the reason behind why Lawn Butler does this each year, as well as the safety trainings, is so much more, because the right thing to do for the people who have built Lawn Butler into the great company that it has now become today.

Because those families at home that send their dads and moms to work each day expect that the Lawn Butler will do its best to take good care of there team members and send them home safely each day.

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