Tree Care Services to Keep Your Property Beautiful

Tree Care Services to Keep Your Property Beautiful

Front yard landscape designTrees are an important component of any yard or commercial landscape. They provide shade in the summer months, shelter from the rain and beauty year-round. Like grass, flowers and shrubs, they also require regular maintenance and care. But if you lead a busy lifestyle or don’t have a green thumb, keeping up with the necessary care isn’t always easy.

We understand. That’s why we provide a wide range of tree care services for both private and commercial landscapes. No matter your needs, we’re confident we can get the job done.

Tree maintenance. Trees are just like other plants in that they grow rapidly. Depending on their location, excess branches may run into powerlines, the side of your home or business. Regular trimming, pruning and maintenance can prevent these and other common problems from occurring. In addition, seasonal changes affect the health of your trees. We know exactly what it takes to keep them thriving year-round.

Tree pest control and prevention. Aphids, emerald ash borers, tent caterpillars and bark beetles are just some of the insects that regularly damage trees. If an infestation takes hold, it can spread over your entire property and do hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage. Our preventive pest control measures can help put your mind at ease.

Storm preparation and cleanup. Utah has unpredictable weather year-round. Snowstorms, heavy rains and wind gusts can break branches or uproot trees. In addition, inclement weather can damage a tree’s root system and leaves. We can identify and reinforce weak trees prior to any damage taking place. If a storm does hit your property, our cleanup crews can tidy things up quickly and efficiently.

Tree removal. We do everything possible to ensure the health and wellbeing of your trees, but sometimes removal is necessary. For example, if roots start growing into your home’s plumbing or rot sets in, it may be best to cut your losses. We regularly remove trees of all sizes, from ancient oaks to sapling aspens.

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