Rudy Receives Best of State Entrepreneurship

Rudy Receives Best of State EntrepreneurshipRudy Larsen CEO and Founder of Lawn Butler received the Best of State medal for entrepreneurship. The Best of State judges selected Rudy as the winner in the following categories; Excelling in his endeavors, use of innovative business model and contribution to a better quality of life in Utah.   The systems and models have been very fundamental for their company. They know that you must have a great team that understands the expectations and that can deliver the services. Lawn Butler has put a high value on their employees and treats them like family. “Once we find the right person we won’t lose them,” Rudy Larsen says. Our team is what makes the company great and what our customers have come to love about Lawn Butler. With the right team and correct systems that allow for production of great projects, then you can grow at any rate and have happy customers.   Lawn Butlers growth and customer retention is truly a testament to the price they put on providing quality services and projects to their customers. This has successfully earned them many awards and several cover issues in trade magazines which prompts the questions of “how has Lawn Butler been so successful?” For many the question, the growth and the awards can seem daunting but for Lawn Butler it’s simple. Put the customer first and everything else will take care of itself.
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