Real Cost of Low Bid

Real Cost of Low Bid

As we are getting ready for this upcoming landscape season many property owners and managers are sending out their projects to bid.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you gather proposals and prepare your budgets for your property.

There are many landscape and snow removal companies to choose from.  This competition for the work can be a great breading grounds for competitive bids.  However with so many companies to choose

1005_East Bay_062 you may find yourself asking, “Who truly is the right fit for me and my property?”

As you become familiar with your own property, you will learn the expectations and standards that the property requires.  Once the expectations of the property are determined it will become easier to find the best contractor to meet your needs.  It is important to write down these expectations in a manner that is transparent to contractors to ensure you receive an “apples to apples” bid comparison.  This will also help prevent future issues down the road with regards to any clarifications of the scope.

Some find it to be beneficial to hold a prequalification process to eliminate contractors that are unable of meet their needs.  Common requirements such as a list of referrals, equipment inventory, and requiring a certain level of experience from employees performing the work can help to understand if the company is capable of handling your needs.  Another option is to have a select bid list and only invite contractors that you know from personal experience are capable of meeting your needs.  After years of working with a particular contractor you begin to develop a relationship and gain trust in their abilities.  This trust can prove beneficial in growing your confidence when you send a property or project out to bid.


When comparing proposals & estimates, sometimes we have to realize that Low Bid is not always the Best Bid or “The Right Bid.” Learning true expectations is a must, and having someone understanding them is Key!  At the end of it all, Low bid could cost you in the long run if there is not a clear understanding of the scope of work.  Having an accurate and fully understood bid will save you not only from spending but the frustrations and headaches that you could encounter.