Pre- and Early Spring Landscaping Tips

Pre- and Early Spring Landscaping Tips

We’re in the homestretch of winter. Soon, temperatures will increase, the sun will shine, and all of that Utah snow will melt, exposing your landscaping. After an intense winter, it’s important to hit the ground running in these next few weeks to ensure that your plant life has what it needs to thrive during the growing seasons.

Get ahead of weeds
The best time to fight against weeds is before they start growing. Now is the time to apply pre-emergent weed treatments to your lawn to keep weeds at bay. Make sure that the treatment is pre-emergent, as it can still be too cold for typical topical weed killers to work.

Out with the old
Now is the time to assess which parts of your landscaping can stay and which can go. Some older flowers and shrubs may have seen their last growing season. Before spring really gets underway is the perfect time to remove any plants or shrubs that are past their prime. Also take a look at your lawn. Has any part been damaged due to fungus growth or lawn grubs? Treat any struggling areas or plan to replace any seriously damaged parts of your lawn with new sod.

Make the cut
Now is the time to do some serious pruning. Trees should be pruned now before they reach their full bloom. It is also time to make serious cutbacks to any shrubs or plants that are outgrowing their space or encroaching on walkways or growing under the eaves.

Are you ready for spring? Is your landscape ready? If you would like some help, just give us a call! Our experts have the experience and knowledge to give your lawn the personalized care it needs to stay healthy and beautiful this spring.