Our Recreational Landscaping Experts Will Keep Your Golf Course Beautiful

Our Recreational Landscaping Experts Will Keep Your Golf Course Beautiful

A 2016 report by Forbes found that 24 million Americans play golf on a regular basis, accounting for 465 million rounds of golf annually. That’s a lot of golf!

Even if your course isn’t highly trafficked, maintaining your greens is of the utmost importance. One negative review on Golf Advisor or Golf Course Gurus can spell disaster for your property and result in lost business.

At Lawn Butler, we have over two decades of experience performing recreational maintenance at golf courses and country clubs all over Utah. Our attention to detail and knowledge of Utah’s dry mountain climate have established us as the industry’s go-to recreational landscaping team. In order to serve our customers, we offer a five-pronged approach.

1. Monitoring turf health. The turf at your course is highly sensitive to environmental changes as well as general wear and tear. Turf that’s brown, yellow, or straw-like is typically too damaged to save. Our turf doctors know just what it takes to keep your greens healthy, vibrant, and lush.

2. Recreational design-build. Sometimes renovations are necessary in order to stay relevant. Our team has completed hundreds of sports fields and golf courses throughout Utah, including upgrades and retrofits. No matter your ultimate vision, we’re confident we can get the job done.

3. Weekly services. Completing an upgrade is only the first step in the process. Long-term maintenance comes next. Our weekly landscaping services include:

  • Mowing
  • Blowing
  • Weed treatment
  • Edging
  • Debris cleanup
  • Tree pruning

4. Lawn aeration. Lawn aeration involves making small holes in the ground to better aerate your soil. Ultimately, this encourages better ventilation, causing healthier, greener grass. Our aeration experts know exactly when to treat your property, preventing damage from weather and the elements.

5. Fertilization plans. No two golf courses are the same. While under-fertilizing can turn your greens brown and dull, over-fertilizing increases your lawns’ risk of disease and exposure to insects. Following a thorough inspection of your property, we can develop a fertilization plan that ensures a vibrant, green golf course.

Your recreational landscaping deserves the absolute best. Get in touch today and ask about our white glove service!