Navigating Snow & Ice Removal in All Its Forms

Navigating Snow & Ice Removal in All Its Forms

Understanding the Different Types of Contracts

There is more than one way to remove snow and ice. Besides your good old fashioned shoveling snow by hand, there’s snow plows, back hoes, snow blowers, ATV’s, salting and more. Just as there and different ways to remove snow and ice, there are also different ways the work can be contracted out. When it comes to contracted snow & ice removal, educating yourself on these different types of contracts is key to finding your preferred contract type as well as the service that best suits your property. Be sure to ask your provider questions so you can have a good understanding of your contract. We want you to be confident in your contract decision. When it comes to snow and ice removal we offer five different options of contract types. Those consist of: Per Hour, Per Inch, Per Push, Flat Rate & Standby.

Per Hour

The Per Hour Rate is the simplest contract type. With this option you only pay for the services your property receives from us. This option is simple and works great if you want to pay for services as needed. With this option you choose your service level as a client, (A, B, C, D), which determines when and how you will be serviced.

The advantage and disadvantage of this contract comes from the uncertainty of snow fall. In years with below average snowfall it can put you under budget, however in a year of above average snowfall it may put you over budget.

Some other considerations you may want to keep in mind is being weary of low bids. Some less qualified companies may try and entice you with lower hourly rates. As nice as this may seem on paper, if that company lacks experience or the proper equipment, efficiency will go down and your costs will go up. When we service your property, we bring with us more than 8 years of experience, 200 personnel and 100 assets including Plows, Salters, Backhoes, Snow Blowers and more.

Per Inch

Per Inch Rate is similar to Per Hour Rate which allows you to pay as service is needed. The price for Per Inch Rate however is based on different levels of snow accumulation, such as 1”-2”, 2”-4”, 4”-6”, etc.  This rate allows you to have a better outline of what your costs will be based on the extent of snowfall.

Some things to consider with Per Inch Rate is even though there are clearly defined prices per inch, there is still the uncertainty concerning the size and lengths of the storm. It gives you a better idea of what to budget, but you will still need to budget. Another thing to take note of is, in a lengthy storm if you are a lower level client (i.e.: you want a 4-6” push), your service will be delayed til accumulations are at that level.  In the event of a heavy storm accumulations my quickly exceed that amount prior to a full push being performed.  Other contractors may service their higher priority clients first leaving you for last. At Lawn Butler, we seek to make your property our priority and give you the best service in the state.

 Per Push

With Per Push Rate each time snow is pushed to clear your property is one cost. Depending on the details of your contract this may include your sidewalks, parking lots, etc., or it could be separate. This type of contract gives you more control in defining what your service will include.

It’s important to keep in consideration that most large storms will require more than one “push”. Also, a storm may be the same size but vary in the amount of pushes required depending on the weight, time and length of the storm. Hence, storms of the same size may be different in cost. Therefore, communication is key to make sure you and your provider are on the same page with how many pushes you want, especially with big storms that may take two or three pushes. We come prepared with the best and most efficient equipment to ensure you’re getting the best “Push for your Buck”.

Flat Rate

The Flat Rate is the only rate that allows you to the know the exact cost of your snow removal for the year. With this rate, it doesn’t matter how much it snows, you will have one cost. In areas with a trend of above average snow fall, this has become the most common and best option. This flat rate is usually based off a mix of data that combines below, above, and average snowfall for your specific region.

Things to keep in mind with this rate are in years with above average snowfall you’ll save money, but the same goes with years of below average snowfall your provider will benefit. For this reason, most flat rate contracts are multiyear contracts to balance out the below and above average snowfall years. Another thing to keep in mind is most Flat Rate contracts will have a service cap to prevent from and unlimited amount of services. Alongside this, beware that some providers rates may be higher to reduce risk for a bad year. Be sure to discuss this with your provider and make sure to keep continual communication throughout the season to make sure you’re aware of where you are with service and your cap.

Standby Rate

Standby Rate is a rate exclusively offered by Lawn Butler. You get dedicated personal that are ready around the clock to provide snow and ice management services. You’ll avoid large snow removal bills, with our mix of per service and flat rate. You get the best of both, while not breaking the bank. When you are on standby you get the luxury of paying per service so you don’t get stuck with a huge snow bill on flat rate billings.

Our customers on standby get dedicated equipment for their property so they can rest assure they will have those assets rolling when it’s snowing. We allow you to pick how much or how little you want on your standby so you can measure how much risk to assume. You will get a detailed game plan and map of how our teams will approach your snow management and keep your property safe all winter long.

In Conclusion

Lawn Butler is a full-service snow and ice management provider. Whether you need sidewalk clearing, parking lot plowing, ice management, or snow removal/relocation we have the resources and personal to get the job done. In addition to our different types of service we offer warranty services to stake and mark curb locations as well warranty curb and sod damage. With all our personnel and assets in operation every snow event, Lawn Butler stands as the largest single privately owned snow management company along the Wasatch Front. When it comes to snow and your property, Lawn Butler is here, “At Your Service.”