Let’s Talk About Lighting

Let’s Talk About Lighting

Lights are not just for inside your home anymore. Lighting your outdoor living space can encourage you and your family to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Whether it’s to ensure your kids can play in the yard until after dusk or simply to be able to see your landscaping at night, follow these bright ideas.

Have a plan.
Know what you want out of your landscape lighting. Do you want a better lit pathway? Want to highlight your home’s interesting architecture? Sketch out an outline of your home and step outside at dusk. Are there any areas you would like to see lit? Make a note of any areas that deserve to be seen at night.

Safety and security.
Steps and pathways deserve to be lit. Keeping those areas well lit ensures safety at night for your family and for any guests. Lighting areas around your property can also add an extra layer of security to your house. Having a well lit yard deters criminals and reduces areas where prowlers can hide.

Different types of light.
There are two types of lighting that create dramatic and noticeable effects. Downlighting, also called moonlighting, gives the appearance of a full moon but lighting an area from above. This is great for accentuating tree canopies. When done correctly, downlighting can create an intimate and welcoming ambiance. Uplighting can highlight the architecture of your home or the trunks of trees around your property. Uplighting uses shadows to create drama and interest.

It’s time to highlight your landscaping with lighting!