What Are Lawn Butler’s Core Values?

What Are Lawn Butler’s Core Values?

At Lawn Butler, our company model is built on three pillars: Prioritized customer needs, service of the highest caliber, and guaranteed and competitive pricing. Which of these is most vital to our success and why?

Many factors contribute for a successful model. However, the core thought process of the organization impacts the growth most. A thought process which is aligned to the mission of the organization helps in the growth of both the organization and people associated to it. Lawn Butler’s core idea is to provide outstanding and best in class service. As rightly said by Mr. Arthur F. Sheldon – ‘He profits most who serves best’, we believe the most vital pillar is ‘Service of the highest caliber’. There are three main reasons why.

Firstly, in a service-based industryOnsite (LowRes) the unique selling proposition of any organization is the timely, assured and skilled service. Be it a small or big task ,there are many ways of doing it and there are many people for doing it. But ones who excel it achieves milestones. We strongly believe the success is guaranteed if we have left no stone unturned and given 100 percent to the task in hand. If the organization is bound to provide good service, customer will never leave it. Also, if service is best in class then the most valuable part of the job is done.

Secondly, a happy customer means more business. Good work always gains mouth publicity and customer gets attracted to the organization. Best in class service is required for both the things – for creating new customer base and for maintaining existing customers. Since a person might forget what we did but he always remembers how he felt.

Lastly, it is easy to take organizational related decisions if core values are clear and aligned to customer satisfaction. Employees are aware of the mission and their actions are in order of achieving it. Customer service is not a department for which only few employees are responsible. It is everyone’s job and an ultimate goal that makes all employees think in that prospect. There is less chances of dilemma in any situation as everyone in the organization is bound to give best possible solution to the problem which leads to overall growth.

To consider customer priorities is important. It assures the product is in demand. It also assures customers are ready to accept the product. And in this competitive market, pricing is also important because every individual seeks for worth in spending his or her hard-earned money. If any company strategy is planned as per customer priorities, and in a competitive price, than half the job is done – job of attracting customers. However, to sustain customer base, best service is vital.

NIT_3251To sum up, there are multiple contributing processes for any successful organization but customer satisfaction is the key to success which can be achieved by providing best in class service. If organizations focus on maintaining customers then it is a cakewalk to create new customers. And customers are maintained for life long if they are satisfied by the service.