Lawn Butler Receives Best of State Statue (BOSS)

Lawn Butler Receives Best of State Statue (BOSS)

Winning awards is not something new for the Lawn Butler team. However, this year we were very honored to receive the BOSS award in the Business Services Category. This is a very prestigious award and is very difficult to attain. We recognize that without our loyal customers and hardworking employees this could not be possible.

Success is an aspiration that many companies seek. Our training and management procedures are two key factors that we believe contributed to winning this award. One approach we take is by specializing our departments and divisions for optimal efficiencies. This allows us to train each subset with skills specific to their job requirements.

>Quality Service leads not only too happy customers but also higher job satisfaction for our employees. We find that when we provide quality work we have higher employee retention because they enjoy what they are doing. We have created the correct systems to maintain a high level of quality.

Customer Service is our #1 priority. At Lawn Butler our slogan is “…at your service.” One way this is shown is how our Account Managers cater to client needs. They strive to provide quick response to customer requests. For our clients this means quicker response and resolution to their problems.

We work in the service industry. As such we are bombarded with problems daily. It is our job to provide solutions. We aim to provide quick solutions that are aligned with our clients’ needs. Our growth and success are an indication that we do in fact put our customers first.