Lawn Butler Named Top in Nation

Lawn Butler Named Top in Nation

Total Landscape Care Magazine announced its selection of Lawn Butler as the Top Landscaper in the Nation for 2015. This award is one of the most prestigious awards that you can receive in the green industry. It recognizes the top 12 landscape contractors in the nation and selects only one as the overall winner. The categories they are judged in are customer service, community service, safety record and overall all business model.

Never before has another landscape contractor from Utah won this award. Lawn Butler has not only been known for pushing the boundaries in the green industry but has continually shattered those bounders’ year after year. They have done this by holding a strong to customer retention, providing outstanding community service projects and building a company and a culture where there team loves what they do.

Rudy Larsen CEO and Founder of Lawn Butler said “That there only goal was to just take care of their customers and their employees”. Yet they have seen a strong 87% grown each year for the last three years. After only starting his business when he graduated high school in 2006, Lawn butler has seen a mind blowing 13,788% growth, over the last 7 years they have been in business.

When Rudy Larsen has been asked how they did it his reply was simple “We just wanted to be the best at what we did, whatever it was”.

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