Landscaping Resolutions for the New Year

Landscaping Resolutions for the New Year

Have you made your resolutions for the New Year? This year, why not set some goals for your landscape too? These three goals are sure to start you — and your landscape — off on the right track for a lawn you can enjoy in all four seasons.

Goal #1: If you aren’t one already, resolve to become a gardener. This is easier than it sounds! You can start on a small scale. For example, you can find a small space for a raised planter box. It may be too early to plant a garden now, but part of the fun is thinking about what you want to plant. Plan to plant veggies or flowers that you’ll enjoy tending all the way through the summer and fall months. (Bonus: This could help you reach other goals. Gardening is great exercise and reduces stress!) Or start even smaller and add a container garden to your porch or patio. You can start these indoors and move them outside when the time is right.

Goal #2: Plan landscaping changes now. Want to increase the curb appeal of your home? This is a great time to be thinking about changes you want to make to your hardscape, perhaps with new fencing, stepping stones or lighting. Or maybe you want to add new shrubs or different colored perennials. This is the perfect time to plan and implement changes! And the good news is that we are here to help!

Goal #3: Plan to keep up regular maintenance. Resolve to keep your landscape healthy by getting all of your chores done on time and in the proper season. Now is a great time to “get your hands dirty” by mapping out when you’ll need to prepare soil, when to plant, when to prune and when to mulch. Remember, we are here to help with proper maintenance all year long.

Finally, no matter your other goals, resolve to enjoy your landscape. We wish you a Happy New Year of gardening!