Landscaping for the Birds and the Bees

Landscaping for the Birds and the Bees

Landscapes can not only be visually stunning works of art, but they can also be practical. A well-planned landscape can include elements that attract birds of all sorts as well as insects like butterflies and bees.

What’s a beautiful landscape if you have no one to share it with? Here are some bird and bee-friendly plants to include in your landscaping plans!

It’s all about the bees.
We hear it in the news all the time — our bee population is in decline. One way we can help support bees in our ecosystem is to ensure they have an adequate food source. This includes plants with plenty of nectar and pollen. It’s also helpful to plant flowers that bloom throughout the growing season to provide food. Some bee-friendly perennials include purple coneflowers or the ever popular black-eyed Susans. Both plants boast stunning colors and thrive in our climate.

Hummingbirds are welcome.
There are few things more satisfying than creating a landscape that attracts one of nature’s most stunning birds. Hummingbirds love bright colors, so adding some colorful flowers will benefit the look of your landscape as well as these tiny wonders. Consider adding plants such as hollyhocks and daylilies, as well as larger plants like Weigela and honeysuckle.

Flowers for birds.
Do you know that you can provide feed for birds without purchasing birdseed? Seed-bearing flowers are a beautiful alternative to traditional bird feeders. Not only do these flowers provide sustenance to feathered friends, but they can provide color and depth to any landscape. Some great seed-bearing flowers for our climate include sunflowers, violets, zinnias and marigolds.

Spring will be here before you know it. If you’d like some help creating a bird, bee and family-friendly backyard oasis, let us know!