January Landscaping Tasks

January Landscaping Tasks

Ah, January.

January in Utah can be a bleak and blustery affair. Without the hustle and merry bustle of the holidays, it can seem like a let down. But January can be a productive time too — especially when it comes to landscaping and gardening. Here are some ways you can get ready for your best landscape this coming spring.

Plan. Look at photos of your landscaping from last spring and summer. Were you overwhelmed by the colorful blooms? Floored by your plant selection? If not, now is the time to plan to change that. Research plants and trees that you would like to add to your landscaping. Consider removing older, struggling plants. Any plant material seriously damaged during a snowstorm? Make note in case it needs to be replaced. Spring will be a busy time for your landscaping. Having a solid plan of attack will ensure you stay focused on what needs to be done.

Prune. Winter is a great time to prune. With the leaves gone, it’s easier to see the shape and the health of branches on deciduous trees. Removing any dead or damaged branches will ensure the growth of healthier branches come springtime.

Compost. Spring will be a time of rapid growth for your landscaping. One way to sustain that growth will be to provide plants the nutrients they need with a rich compost. Winter is the perfect time to create a compost pile for plant fuel come spring. Carbon is an essential ingredient in compost piles and decaying materials in winter make the perfect fuel. Add ingredients like vegetable and fruit scraps, egg shells and coffee grounds.

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