Is Hardscaping Right for You?

Is Hardscaping Right for You?

You’ve heard about landscaping, but have you become familiar with hardscaping? Hardscaping is exactly what it sounds like – using “hard,” durable materials to maintain or establish a landscaping plan. There are many different ways to incorporate hardscaping in your outdoor living space. Here are some ideas.

Forge your own path
Hardscaping is a great way to create walkways throughout your landscaping. It can also protect your lawn by redirecting damaging foot traffic off your grass and onto more durable materials such as decomposed granite, brick, stone, or concrete. Improve the front of your property by creating an enticing hardscape footpath to the front door.

Retaining walls for looks and function
Retaining walls are a functional use of hardscaping. Have property with an upward slope? Adding properly placed retaining walls can help prevent erosion and add some visual interest to the area.

Create a space
Do you have a roomy backyard with no space to entertain? Adding a hardscape patio can help make your outdoors more livable. Use concrete for a quick and cost-effective solution or consider brick or stone for a more updated and upscale look. Some hardscapes include outdoor kitchens complete with brick ovens.

Ready to add hardscaping to your lawn or garden? Let us know if you have any questions or would like some help.