Infested or Diseased Trees? We Can Help!

Infested or Diseased Trees? We Can Help!

Every lawn or garden—whether at a home or business—is made more beautiful with the addition of trees. But what happens if your tree isn’t looking so great? Trees are susceptible to disease and insect infestation, and without an expert to assess the situation and provide the proper treatment, your tree might not make it.

Insect Infestation
It is completely normal for insects to live on, in, and around trees. Many insects are harmless to trees, but some can damage or even kill a tree if left untreated. If we determine your tree is suffering from an insect infestation, our licensed pesticide applicators will spray the tree with a formula designed to target the specific species of insect.

Tree Disease
There are countless tree diseases, some more common than others. You really need a professional to determine whether a fungicide is needed to treat the disease or whether simply pruning the diseased portion of the tree will suffice. Our highly-skilled team of Utah arborists can effectively diagnose tree illnesses and propose an appropriate remedy for the problem.

If you’ve noticed your trees aren’t looking as beautiful as they could, or you’ve noticed signs of disease or infestation, give us a call at 801.784.2746. Lawn Butler provides top-of-the-line treatments to improve the health and lifespan of your trees.