How Are You Watering Your Lawn?

How Are You Watering Your Lawn?

Water can be your lawn’s best friend or its undoing. It’s possible both to over water and to under water your lawn. It’s also possible to damage your lawn by watering at the incorrect times! Proper watering is essential to a thriving, lush lawn. We’ve got a couple of simple tips for lawn watering to help you get your best lawn ever.

Timing is everything

Do you know the best time of day to water your lawn? While many believe that it’s a good idea to water at night, the best time to water is actually early in the morning. Watering at night means that moisture can get trapped against blades. Without proper evaporation, this can cause problems such as bacterial and fungus growth. Watering your grass in the morning will ensure that the soil can get the water it needs and allows excess moisture to evaporate as the day gets warmer.

Pay attention to run off

When watering your lawn, do you notice the majority of the water ending up on your sidewalk or driveway? That is because your lawn soil is oversaturated! You aren’t doing yourself any favors if most of the water isn’t absorbed into your soil. It is wasting your water, which can cost money and damage hard surfaces. When watering, check your lawn every five minutes to make sure the soil is absorbing the moisture. When you begin to see runoff, stop watering! That is your turf’s way of saying that it can’t absorb more water. Check your soil and make sure that water is penetrating at least six inches.

Following these two tips will help you make sure your lawn is getting the water it needs to be the perfect backdrop for your landscape. If you’d like help in all areas of lawn care, let us know. Lawn Butler’s weekly landscape maintenance will ensure your landscape is always looking its best.