Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting

When you think of holiday decor and lighting do you see an opportunity as a property manager or building owner to help build moral with your tenants or employees? Because that’s exactly what it should mean.

When we installed a couple Christmas Trees for a Matt who’s a property manager in Salt Lake City he said “I thought it would be a good opportunity to show our tenants we care about them” what happened next was really unexpected. Matt says’ “After the trees had been up for no more than a 1 week I got several phone calls from different tenets of the building says They could not believe that the owners and manager cared enough to put up a Christmas Tree and Decor.” He continued to talk more about the other compliments that he received from his tenants.

After further conversation with Matt he explained “You cant put a price tag on how your tenants feel about you, these positive feelings go along way when it comes time to renew leases or dealing with upset tenants because they know you really do care about them”

At Lawn Butler we have you covered in every avenue from our interior designer to your exterior experts that can install all your holiday lighting and decor.