Grow Your Home’s Value

Grow Your Home’s Value

What if there were a secret way to increase the curb appeal of your home while also raising your property value? What if this secret wouldn’t take long to accomplish and what if it wouldn’t break the bank? The secret is landscaping! Improving the landscaping around your home is an investment that will pay off and make it a place you are eager to be. Here are a few tips to get your property on the path to a more landscaped tomorrow.

Subtract the eye sores
Got a patch of weeds in a corner of the yard? How about that dead shrub underneath the front window? The quickest and easiest fix to improve the look of your home is to remove any dead or dying plant material from the premise. Apply weed killer to any area where weeds have been removed and check irrigation to where any plants have died. Have a dead tree on your property? Have it removed safely by skilled professionals like those at Lawn Butler.

Have a plan
It helps to know what you want out of your landscaping before getting started. Do you want your space to be about entertaining or more about comfort and privacy? Have a clear idea of your wants and needs. Sketch out some plans and take some measurements so you have an idea of what fits and where you can make some additions.

Add a tree
Consider adding a tree or two to your home site. Trees provide shade, which can help lower your home’s cooling costs as well as provide privacy to your property. Keep in mind that different trees may add color and interest during different times of the year. Evergreen trees add lush greens in winter while flowering trees provide stunning blooms in spring.

Just remember that a well landscaped property adds value to your home.