Get Your Landscape Winter-ready

Get Your Landscape Winter-ready

Snowfall during a Utah winter isn’t a maybe — it’s a certainty. Heavy snowfall can make for a winter wonderland but can also do some serious damage to an unprepared landscape. Before indulging in the splendor of the season, spend an afternoon preparing your landscape for the coming barrage of cold and snow. Here is your to-do list.

Do a deep clean.
Are your flower beds covered in fallen leaves? Make sure to remove all debris before winter weather hits. Cleaning out your flower beds will ensure that moisture does not accumulate to attract harmful fungi and pests that can ruin your landscaping. This will also guarantee that your early spring bloomers aren’t obscured by decaying materials.

Say no to falling branches.
Snow storms can sometimes mean strong winds. That’s why now is a great time to ensure that trees around your property are trimmed. Accumulating snow and ice can cause weakened or dying branches to fall, causing a potentially serious hazard to your property. Need a professional? Contact us!

Stay off your lawn!
Winter means that your lawn is dormant and susceptible to damage. Foot traffic can lead to damaged roots and bald patches. Reduce foot traffic on your lawn and keep it clear of piles of leaves.