Get Your Best Spring Lawn This Fall

Get Your Best Spring Lawn This Fall

It’s finally fall. And while the dip in temperatures and falling leaves may mean your landscaping needs less maintenance, it doesn’t mean your work is done yet. Any skilled landscaper knows a beautiful spring lawn starts in fall. Taking a few steps in fall will ensure your best lawn ever come spring!

Clean and cut
Piles of leaves are fun to jump into but are bad news for your lawn. Leaves can prevent your lawn from getting proper sunlight and can trap moisture, which can breed mold and other lawn-damaging diseases. Rake or blow off leaves weekly. And just because your lawn isn’t growing as much as it was earlier in the season doesn’t mean you can go without cutting. Keeping your lawn trimmed will help ensure protection from heavy snow.

Seed, weed and weed
Your lawn is like a bear. It hibernates during the winter and needs to make sure to take in as many nutrients as possible before the temperatures dip. Apply fertilizer at least once more before the end of November. Also be sure to seed any parts of your lawn that look bare. Fall is a great time to get rid of those pesky weeds. Attack weeds with an herbicide during the warmer days of fall. You will see less next spring!

Water and replace
Just because we aren’t baking in the summer heat doesn’t mean that you can neglect watering your lawn. Your lawn is still growing and needs an adequate water supply. Water during the morning to ensure your lawn has time to absorb during the day. Avoid watering at night, which can cause your water to grow fungal diseases. Fall also is a great time to replace sod! The cooler temps allow the sod to grow deep roots without the possibility of drying out.

And there you have it! Some tips to make sure your lawn is sensational in spring. Whether you want more fall color, need your irrigation system modified for colder weather (or need one installed) or want to make some enhancements for a sensational spring landscape, we’re here to help you have the best lawn on the block.