Fighting a battle against weeds? Here’s how to win

Fighting a battle against weeds? Here’s how to win

Let’s see if this story sounds familiar: no matter how hard you try, it’s nearly impossible to keep weeds from infiltrating your yard, right? We feel your pain and know your struggle. While you won’t ever be completely free of weeds, we have some advice to help you keep those pests to a minimum with very little effort on your part. Sound too good to be true? Read on, ye of little faith.

To defeat your weeds, you have to understand the weed. You are talking about a plant that serves no real purpose since you can’t eat it or use it decoratively. And at any given time, there are millions of weed seeds just waiting for the right conditions to sprout up and start driving you crazy. Some seeds that don’t germinate will just biodegrade but some can wait patiently like Morning Glory seeds which can remain viable for more than 50 years. No wonder that pesky flower is impossible to get rid of.

Because removing the weed entirely might be next to impossible, the best thing you can do is produce an environment that prohibits germination and growth. The three keys to this are shade, water and dedication. Let’s talk about shade first.

Throwing shade
There is a reason not much grows on the floor of the jungle. If light can’t get down to the seeds, they can’t germinate. Shade can be accomplished in several ways. Adding drought tolerant trees and shrubs are one way to accomplish a little shade. A thick layer of mulch is another way. We’re not talking sprinkling some wood chips over your beds. We mean a layer that’s around three to four inches thick so that no sunlight can get to those seeds waiting patiently in the ground. It also helps you retain moisture so your plants look great while you conserve water.

Life requires water
Speaking of water, that’s the next tool you can use, or rather not use to fight weeds. Have you noticed an area of your yard where the weeds grow exceptionally well? Sprinkler overspray or a broken pipe could be the culprit. Try instead a drip irrigation system placed under the mulch so the water goes to the roots and doesn’t have a chance to germinate seeds on top of the mulch layer.

Resolve to fight
Finally, you have to be dedicated to the war on weeds. Turn your back for a second (or a few weeks) and you could have noxious weeds springing up all over your beautiful yard. It’s almost enough to make a grown man cry. Almost. When you see weeds spring up in your yard, take immediate steps to destroy them – adjust your sprinklers, apply mulch and in some cases, use an herbicide to control the weeds and don’t give them the chance to grow freely.

Weeds are annoying and can make your yard look trashy. But a little planning and making some changes to your yard care routine can make all the difference. Don’t let these pesky weeds overshadow your beautiful yard. And, if you need a little assistance with making your lawn look its absolute best, turn to Lawn Butler for all your summer lawn care needs. Get in touch with us today.