Featured Project: Union Park Center

freshly mowed lawn on commercial property

Featured Project: Union Park Center

Union Park is one of Lawn Butlers current customers. This property has come with a handful of challenges. Lawn Butler, as always, was ready to take these challenges on.

One of the number one challenges has been the grass. There are over 10 acres of grass, and it is crucial that we keep the grass healthy, and green at all times. The soil here is very sandy, which in return makes it very difficult to keep the lawn green in the heat of the summer. To help combat these issues we have a custom slow release fertilizer that can stay in the soil longer, and we have added a Smart Rain irrigation system. The custom fertilizer is essential in getting the proper nutrients into the soil, and allowing the nutrients to stay active in the sandy soils for a longer period of time. The Smart Rain system has been crucial in keeping the grass properly irrigated. The Smart Rain system allows us to be able to access the irrigation clock from anywhere in the world. Smart Rain also notifies us of any breaks so we can be out at Union Park within hours of an alarm and take care of any issues before it becomes a major problem.

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The second challenge is the number of mature trees. It is so important that we are checking all the trees in a weekly basis to avoid any outbreak in diseases that could take out all the trees in the park. If an issue is spotted with a tree, Lawn Butler will be there that week, to do our best from keeping the problem to a single tree and eliminating the problem.

The third main challenge at Union Park is the snow management. It is so important that the team in charge of snow removal here is in sync with one another, and has a specific plan of attack to ensure quick, and accurate removal of snow and ice. To ensure the best service each year our team sits down and discusses where each now pile will be located, priority areas to be cleared first, and correct application of salt. It is a team effort and we do not accept anything but perfection.

Union Park is a very premier and beautiful property! Lawn Butler is proud to be able to provide our Award Winning service to this property.

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