Don’t Let Voles Take a Toll on Your Lawn This Winter

Don’t Let Voles Take a Toll on Your Lawn This Winter

Bank vole in grass fieldYou’ve heard of moles, mice, and rats, but what about voles?

Though they don’t get the same name recognition as other pesky rodents, Utah is home to 8 different species of voles, which are also known as meadow mice. No matter what you call them, one thing is certain: if you aren’t careful, voles can wreak havoc on your lawn.

Voles are unique in that they don’t hibernate like many other mammals. In fact, they thrive in snow and prefer to tunnel and make their nests under the frosty cover.

Voles eat grass, roots, tubers, and other plant materials. Winter snowfall creates an insulated space between your lawn, which provides a welcome invitation into your yard. While there’s no way to prevent voles entirely, there are steps you can take to preserve your lawn.

  • Keep mowing your lawn until the first frost of the season. The longer your grass is, the more inviting it is to these pesky critters.
  • Make sure all your shrubs and bushes are adequately trimmed. Rake up any fallen leaves and pine cones, and weed your flower beds. This might seem like a hassle, but any type of foliage is perfect for a vole home.
  • If you store your firewood or kindling in the backyard, cover it with a tarp or store it inside your garage where tunneling under isn’t possible.

Too busy to prepare for vole season on your own? No problem. Our fall landscaping services include leaf-raking, gutter cleaning, mowing, weeding, and more. Don’t wait until the spring thaw to discover a disaster.