Color All Year Long

Color All Year Long

There’s nothing quite as brilliant as fall in Utah. Our climate allows for a variety of plants to thrive in our area. Fall reminds us that green isn’t the only stunning color. Vibrant reds, bright yellows and stunning oranges dominate the landscaping during this magical season. Does your landscaping plan take advantage of autumn color? Here are a few additions you can make to give your landscaping some fall brilliance.

Start small
Take advantage of the change in seasons. You’ll want to add plants that will add interest and color all year long. Take the red twig dogwood for example. This small shrub can stun through all four seasons. With lovely and delicate blooms in the spring, the leaves are a bright green during the summer. In fall, dogwoods appear to be ablaze, with flame-colored leaves. This little landscaping wonder can also add color in winter! Red twig dogwoods have bright red twigs that show best without leaves in the snow!

Look to the far east
There are few trees more stunning and versatile than the Japanese maple. This tree is equal parts delicate and whimsical. The leaves fan out and the trunks often form interesting shapes. Their foliage during fall depends on the variety but never disappoints. From decadent burgundy to brilliant gold, this is one tree you need in your landscape.

Brighten up with some dark
Contrasting colors make fall foliage all the more vibrant. Evergreen trees may not change with the season, but their consistent coloring makes the perfect backdrop for other changing trees and shrubs. Also consider adding some darker shrubs. For example, the velvet cloak smoke bush has smokey purple leaves that look great against brighter reds and yellows.

Fall and winter don’t have to be drab. Plan ahead to take advantage of autumn colors. And don’t dismiss what a few pops of color can do for your landscape in winter.