Celebrate Utah With Your Landscaping

Celebrate Utah With Your Landscaping

Utah is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes and plant life in the country. Some of these remarkable species have been honored with the distinction of being name the official state symbols. Incorporating some of these elements into your landscaping will make a great tribute to the Beehive State. Consider using the state flower, tree and grass into your next outdoor project!

Utah state flower. The Utah state flower is the sego lily. These perennials are a beautiful addition to any landscape. This lily has three large white petals with a lovely lilac tinge. These flowers bloom in late spring and early summer. Native Americans have long relied on the sego lily bulb as a food source. Did you know that in 1848-49, pioneers “ate the sego lily bulb to help ward off starvation”?

Utah state tree. Did you know this one changed in 2014? Utah is fortunate to claim the quaking aspen as the official state tree. This magnificent tree is a staple of the Utah landscape. They provide stunning sights in autumn with their remarkable golden leaves. Quaking aspens are known for their distinct pale trunk marked with black and their impressive height. These trees can easily reach up to 25 feet tall, so incorporating them into your landscaping project will require some planning. (Remember, we can help with that!)

Utah state grass. The official state grass of Utah is the Indian ricegrass. This variety can be found throughout Utah, in desert climates and throughout pine forests. Indian ricegrass makes a great addition to any landscape because it requires little irrigation and maintenance. This type of landscape design is called xeriscaping. (We’ll be happy to tell you more about it.) The state grass is a vital part of Utah’s ecosystem. It blooms in late winter, proving not only to be a valuable food source for wildlife but also a great way to brighten dull winter landscapes.

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