Bright Ideas for Christmas Lighting

Bright Ideas for Christmas Lighting

24036121 - decorated house with christmas lights in san franciscoNothing livens up your outdoor landscaping like Christmas lights! In addition to getting you into the holiday spirit, it is sure to delight guests, family and neighbors alike. Here are some tips to make your Christmas light display the best on the block!

Keep it safe.
Christmas lights have come a long way since their advent in 1882. Today’s lights are brighter and safer. Make sure any lights that will be hung up outdoors are designed for the outdoors. Do not put indoor lights out of doors. Do not overload electrical outlets and only use insulated extension cords.

Design decisions.
Before you begin, decide your design. Will you decorate with multicolored lights for a festive look or will you keep it classic with white lights? Consider the architecture of your home. Accentuate high points with lighting. Have a hardscaped path? Add lights along walkways.

Keep it varied.
Spruce up your trees with lights! Wrap strands around the base of the tree and branches. For smaller trees, interweaving lights on small branches make for a marvelous effect. For large trees, completely wrap the tree trunk from ground to canopy. While the trees in your landscape are an obvious candidate for lighting, don’t forget shrubs or bushes! Net lighting offers a quick and quaint lighting solution.

Now you are ready to grab a ladder and get those lights up. (Or you can just contact Lawn Butler and have your lights designed and installed by our holiday professionals!)