How Beautiful Landscaping Can Benefit Commercial Properties

How Beautiful Landscaping Can Benefit Commercial Properties

Creating an attractive commercial space has many important elements. The building and amenities within need to be what a renter or buyer needs, and it needs to be in a place that facilitates successful business. The element of an attractive commercial space that many people don’t consider is the exterior grounds and how they look. A professionally landscaped property can improve the bottom line for both the property owner and the businesses within, which makes for successful businesses and happy renters.

Here are a few ways that a stunning landscape can help make commercial properties more profitable for property owners and renters:

1. Increase Long-Term Lease Agreements

The devil is in the details when it comes to signing long-term leases. Leasing is a huge commitment, especially when the lease period lasts for multiple years. Property owners prefer long-term leases because it means the property stays occupied for longer and doesn’t incur any costs associated with finding new tenants. Renters prefer long-term leases when it is at a location they love because they can get better rates, and often sign long-term agreements when they find a place they love.

Long-term lease cancellations are often a result of multiple smaller issues building up over a longer period of time. Maybe the lighting isn’t as good, the parking isn’t as accessible, or the air conditioning is finicky. Exterior beauty is another factor wherein renters can find dissatisfaction. A beautiful property creates emotional attachment that makes renters say “I would miss being here if I left.”

2. Boost Property Value

Adding flowers, trees, water features, or other aesthetic touches to your commercial landscaping is a great way to add significant value to your property. In addition, the better you care for your properties and the more money you invest in them, the more you can ask, should you ever decide to sell. Added value like professional landscaping is also a simple way to insulate property value against a volatile real estate market. When a property is well-cared for, it will be valuable in any economy.

3. Establish Yourself as a Community Pillar

There’s a reason downtown areas all over the country feature beautiful landscaping: it attracts people and commerce. High-quality commercial landscaping makes your community more beautiful and can even play a role in attracting other businesses to your area. When you create a place where people want to spend their time, businesses often follow. Landscaping can create that space that attracts crowds just to enjoy the atmosphere.

Invest in Your Properties

People can’t help themselves, they want to spend time in beautiful places. Whether you own a business or rent a building, commercial landscaping can make your property as attractive as possible. Lawn Butler’s award-winning landscaping services can transform your property into an impressive commercial space where people want to spend their time. Ready to get to work? Contact us today to get started!