Be Ready for Fall With Fall Flowers

Be Ready for Fall With Fall Flowers

When it comes to your landscape one great way to add color is with annual flowers.  Flowers are a great way to make a property look beautiful.  Annuals provide much more color than perennials or shrubs.

Fall flowers are adapted to local soil and climate conditions.  It is for this reason they generally require less water and fertilizing.  They only need a 2 weeks of water and monitoring until they become established.  With correct watering you will see great results in the spring.

There are a few simple steps that need to be taken to ensure great success when planting.  It is important to calculate the correct quantity of plant material you will need, whether that is the number of bulbs or quantity of flats that will be required.  Fertilizer and compost mulch will assist in a greater success rate and reduced plant loss.

Correct quantities of each material are carefully calculated to ensure the best possible results.  Annuals and tulips are planted with care.  Once plants are installed adjustments to the irrigation system should be made.  After about 2 weeks of establishment watering the water can be adjusted back to normal.


Written by Fernando who is the manager over landscape enhancement for Lawn Butler, Fernando has 5 years of experience in the landscape industry, he has working for Lawn Butler for 5 years helping operations and motivated the crews to do better.