All About Ornamental Grasses

All About Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are a landscaping multitasker. They can serve as an overtowering and eye-catching centerpiece or an understated accent to established landscaping. This low maintenance utility plant is versatile and hardy. Here are some things you should know about ornamental grasses!

Ornamental grasses can vary greatly in height and size. Some varieties can reach up to 10 feet tall and several feet wide. These tall ornamentals are great for establishing privacy. Pampas grasses, for instance, are known for their feather-like tops and provide a tall and show-stopping addition to any landscaping. Maiden grasses can grow up to six feet tall and are also very wide. These are great if space needs to be occupied.

If you are looking for a shorter but still lovely grass, look no further than Foerster grasses. These are incredibly popular and are used often in landscaping. Foerster grasses maintain their cylindrical shape and only get as high as four to five feet. One of the easiest grasses to grow, this ornamental grass can add texture and movement to a landscape without obscuring the view.

If you are looking to add ornamental grasses to current landscaping, you can start with compact grasses. Sedge grass is a widely popular variety of small grass that is often used to line pathways or as an accent piece for flower beds. These lush green grasses look great when surrounded by a darker mulch. Also consider ornamental fescues. These silvery blue grasses are striking when placed against neutral hardscapes.

No matter the size of your space, you can find an ornamental grass that works well with your landscape. How will you incorporate these versatile grasses?