All About Fall Landscaping

All About Fall Landscaping

Spring is full of bloom and new beginnings. Summer means lush landscapes and lots of time outdoors. Don’t forget fall! Many think that fall means the end of landscaping season. But don’t be fooled! Autumn can be a great time to add to your landscaping. Here are a three steps to keep your outdoor space fresh for fall.

Don’t neglect your lawn!
Just because the temperatures are dipping doesn’t mean that your lawn can be left unattended. Landscapers know that the care you take in fall can affect the health of your lawn in the spring. Grass can continue to grow well into fall. Make sure you continue to cut your lawn until it stops growing. Consider aerating your lawn before temperatures dip below 40 degrees. This can increase airflow to the soil and help your lawn continue to grow. Autumn is also a great time to apply a phosphorus rich fertilizer to encourage root growth.

Add some color.
Fall is a great time to plant perennials, shrubs and trees. Plants and trees have the opportunity to establish roots without having to battle the heat. Autumn is also the perfect time to plant bulbs for the spring. Make sure to get them in the ground in early fall, so roots can establish before the soil gets too cool.

Prepare for winter.
Make sure to prepare your landscaping for the coming winter. Fall means tree trimming time. Removing dead branches ensures less tree debris and damage during winter storms. Also make sure to sufficiently water your evergreen trees. Properly watered evergreens are less likely to shed needles and dehydrate during winter.