4 maintenance tips for keeping your lawnmower in great shape

4 maintenance tips for keeping your lawnmower in great shape

40449030 - lawn mowerYour lawnmower is one of the most important tools in your landscaping arsenal. If you want it to perform at the highest level of efficiency, though, you need to set aside time for regular maintenance.

A mower is just like a car, in that it needs oil changes, washes and check-ups. These activities may seem like a hassle upfront, but they’re sure to pay off in the long run. When you maintain your lawnmower, you’re less likely to experience breakdowns or accidents. You’re also less likely to need a new lawnmower.

But where do you start? If you don’t have a background in landscaping or lawn care, it’s normal to put mower maintenance off, but it isn’t a good idea. Here are four simple practices that can make all the difference.

1.) Clean out “the deck.” The deck is the metal portion of your mower that covers the blades and rollers. Every time you finish mowing the lawn, turn your mower on its side and remove any grass clippings, dirt or debris stuck on the blades or in the deck itself. If you have a small lawn, you can probably do this by hand. If there’s a significant amount of buildup, you may need soap and water or a wire brush to scrape it away.

2.) Change the oil. When was the last time you changed your lawnmower’s oil? If its oil levels are too low, the components of your mower won’t receive sufficient lubrication. This may cause your mower to overheat or break down. To keep your mower in top shape, we recommend changing your oil twice each season.

3.) Clean your air filter. Your mower’s air filter acts as the first line of defense against dirt, debris and grass clippings. If your air filter is clean and working as it should, it prevents microscopic particles from entering your engine, causing buildup. Most mower filters last several years. Instead of buying a replacement, simply remove your filter and rinse it off.

4.) Power wash the tires. Mower tires are incredibly tough, but they also feature divots that are notorious for collecting mud, grass clippings and other gunk. If you allow this buildup to sit and collect, it can limit your mower’s mobility and make the mowing process a hassle. Before putting your mower in the shed or garage, spray down the tires with your hose or power washer. It only takes a few minutes and the results are undeniable.

If you’re too busy to worry about lawnmower maintenance, don’t stress. We’ll be happy to assist you with all of your landscaping needs. Call (801) 784-2746 or visit our website and fill out an online contact form.