The True Cost of Salt and Ice Melt

The True Cost of Salt and Ice Melt


When it comes to the winter, a slip and fall is every contractor and real estate owner’s nightmare. Not only do you want to keep your site safe for tenants, customers, homeowners or the general public, but you don’t want the liability of a slip and fall.

Many believe they don’t have to worry about a slip and fall because they have insurance or that just won’t happen to them. Ultimately at the end of the day, nothing can prevent a slip and fall claim. However, here are a couple simple steps you can take reduce liability to insure you keep yourselves, your contractors and your owners in the clear when a claim comes your way.


Be aware of the safety for people, equipment and property. There is never a good reason to sacrifice safety. Even if salt or ice melt seems excessive at times, think of it as an extra insurance policy.


Keep good documents. Make sure you and your snow removal contractor are keeping track of the services they are providing and that they are doing their best. As long as there is an effort made to keep your property in good and safe condition you’ll be okay.


Using a local snow plowing service in its very nature is reactive. However when it comes to ice management, you can take a proactive approach. Visit your property on a regular basis and insure there is no ice or slipping hazards. Typically claims made during a large snow event won’t hold any legal claim. It’s the accidents that occur days after the storm that generally become a problem.



At the end of the day one slip and fall claim could cost as much as $50,000 and most serious claims end up closer to $400,000. Even if an insurance policy pays the claim, you’ll end up paying for it in the end with increased premiums.

Remember the basics: 1) Applying too little product doesn’t get the job done and could result in a slip and fall injury. 2) Applying too much can result in damage to property and the environment. With the experience we have, we will tell you what the right amounts are for the conditions. If you ever have any questions you always know that our Account Managers are just a phone call away.


Article was written by Clayton Phillipps who is the Operations Director for Lawn Butler. Clayton has 15 years of experience in the landscaping industry. He has worked for other large snow contractors such as Urban Farmer in Denver. Since Clayton’s time at Lawn Butler he has overseen all operations and has done so for the past 4 years. Solely he has been in charge of all snow operations and over sees more than 100 assets and a team of close to 200 people during each snow event.

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