Recreational Maintenance

Keep Your Recreational Landscape Looking its Best

When you need to give your landscape a face-lift: there is no better company than Lawn Butler. Not only do we have the infrastructure to handle any project you may require but, we also have the dedicated team of recreational maintenance professionals, to ensure your landscaping projects are done correctly.

Whatever your landscape requires, you can rest assured that Lawn Butler can keep your landscape looking beautiful throughout the year.  We understand that it is difficult to find competent, and experienced individuals to complete your recreational landscaping tasks.  Whether it be a sports complex, a golf course, a regional park, or a trail, Lawn Butler has conquered some of the largest projects in the state of Utah.  Our team offers regular upkeep and maintenance services to guarantee that your landscape is always looking its best.  


Recreational Maintenance Services

Monitoring Turf Health

Whether you have a small lawn or a large golf course, Lawn Butler can effectively monitor the health and condition of your turf.  Our team of experts can evaluate the condition of your grass on a regular basis to prevent poor health and stress. When your turf begins to look unhealthy, it is often too late to salvage it.  This is why it is important that your recreational turf be frequently monitored so that problems can be treated as soon as they arise for the greenest and healthiest grass ever.

Recreational Design – Build

When building and designing recreational spaces, there are many challenges that can and will be encountered. Our team has the vast experience and resources to tackle these problems and complete an outstanding project. Lawn Butler has completed hundreds of sports fields and golf courses: with this extensive experience, our team will not only help with the intentional design and construction but also ongoing construction maintenance of your recreational fields.

Weekly Services

Every property manager and homeowner knows that lawns and landscapes require regular attention in order to keep them looking their best.  Lawn Butler will visit your property on a weekly basis to perform regular, necessary maintenance procedures such as mowing, blowing, weed treatment, edging, debris cleanup and tree pruning.  Our weekly maintenance services upkeep your landscape and prevent large expenses in the future.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a service that removes cores or plugs from soil to allow for successful air ventilation.  This process promotes healthy, green grass by giving its roots direct access to the gasses within the air that are needed for optimal health.  Lawn Butler has the right equipment and personnel to successfully aerate your lawn, field or golf course for maximum health and appearance.  Our team can aerate and maintain any of Utah’s recreational landscapes to ensure that they sustain all temperatures and weather elements throughout the year.

Fertilization Programs

Give your lawn and plants the extra nutrients they need to look their best.  There are many factors that go into an effective lawn fertilization program. These programs are designed to carefully and strategically feed your lawn the gasses and nutrients that it needs to grow and thrive.  Fertilization practices differ between landscapes, they also change between seasons. Too much fertilizer can harm your grass by making it susceptible to disease and insect invasion; whereas too little fertilizer can prevent grass from undergoing photosynthesis; consequently, resulting in poor health.  Lawn Butler can craft a fertilization program customized to your landscape’s needs.  Our team will create and implement the program so that your lawn or recreational landscape is always its healthiest and greenest.


Golf course construction and renovation work can be extremely challenging, with many unforeseen problems to overcome. Erickson Landscaping always makes it seem easy by being very well prepared, cooperative, and patient. With Erickson Landscaping you can be assured that they will have the right tool for the job and a well trained crew.

Larry Emery
Golf Course Superintendent
Hidden Valley Country Club


At Lawn Butler, we work hard to prove how hassle-free your property can be when you hire us. It's a simple philosophy shared by all our staff: That the trust you place in us to take care of your property is a privilege we have to earn, And if you give us the chance, we will earn it.

When we take on a project, you'll find all that's left for you is to relax and literally enjoy the view.