Landscape Enhancement

Create a Great First Impression with Your Lawn

When it comes to your property, we don’t mess around. We specialize in all facets of landscaping and property beautification. We are a fully-licensed landscape contractor and we come fully-equipped with the machinery, equipment, and workforce to accomplish any Utah landscape enhancement task.

You know your property better than anyone and you know what you want it to look like. As you become familiar with your own property, you will learn the expectations and standards that the property requires. Our Landscaping crews are dedicated to getting the job done quickly and correctly–the first time. With the right team and equipment, getting your property to its best has never been easier. We can design and install all aspects of your landscape. Our dedicated team can help you re-sod your property to give it a revitalized appeal. We also specialize in creating stunning water features and retaining walls; installing lighting for walkways or curbs; and planting beautiful flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Whether you need a full commercial install or a high profile landscaping update, our team can attend to any landscape enhancement project in Utah. It is our mission to make your property stand out to your clients. You never get a second chance for a first impression; our landscape enhancement service will make sure the first impression is breathtaking.


Landscape Enhancement Services

Seasonal Flowers and Color

The most beautiful landscapes often undergo modifications between seasons.  Different flowers thrive in different environments.  Therefore, some flowers thrive in the heat while others are their healthiest in cooler weather.  With our Seasonal Flowers and Color service: Our team will plant flowers in the fall that can tolerate the cold Utah weather; and are best suited for the Autumn and Winter seasons.  When the weather becomes warmer we will replace the fall and winter flowers with plants that will thrive in the heat of the summer.  Our landscape enhancement team will also add beautiful, seasonal color schemes to high-focus areas of your property: ensuring that your landscape looks breathtaking all year long.

Sprinkler Install

It is no secret that your lawn needs to be watered consistently in order to look its best and be its healthiest: but you don’t have time to water it twice a day.  Sprinklers take the manual labor out of watering your lawn and flowers.  However, installing sprinklers is a difficult process and can yield many negative repercussions if done incorrectly.  Take the risk and challenge out of sprinkler installation by leaving the work to our highly qualified team.  We will install the sprinklers promptly and effectively to contribute to the ongoing health of your landscape.

Shrub and Tree Install

There are many steps that go into a proper installation of a shrub or tree.  Our team will effectively prepare your landscape for the installation, install the tree or shrub and then perform necessary post-planting tasks to maximize the health and appearance of your new plant.

Water Features

A captivating water feature can be the finishing touch that takes your landscape to the next level.  Let an alluring and tranquil water feature set you apart from your competitors. Lawn Butler can add anything from complex waterfalls to gorgeous aquatic gardens to your landscape.  Our team will effectively install and maintain any water feature you desire.  We also will add the aquatic life and decor to contribute to the beauty and allure of your pond or feature.  Create a relaxing and rewarding environment for your staff and clientele by letting Lawn Butler add a beautiful water feature to your property.     

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall not only separates different parts of your landscape from each other: but it can also add to the overall appearance of your property.  Lawn Butler can install retaining walls that best complement your lawn, flower beds, gardens, and property as a whole.  Whether you prefer bricks, boulders, wood, or tile, we can create beautiful retaining walls that add to the beauty of your property landscape.


Stones and rocks can be added to your landscape for a beautiful, lasting accent to your property.  Our team can design, shape and place boulders to your exact preference.  We can also use our expertise to create and install boulders in a fashion that best complement other elements of your landscape.

Flagstone and Paver Hardscapes

Flagstone and landscape pavers can provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your property.  Flagstone and pavers are both, classic, beautiful and eco-friendly ways to enhance the appearance of your landscape.   Lawn Butler can install flagstone and pavers to create walkways, patios, fireplace settings and outdoor dining areas.  Our highly skilled Landscape Enhancement team can place pavers and flagstone strategically to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your property.  We not only specialize in the installation of Flagstone and Paver Hardscapes, but we can also accentuate them with surrounding plants and features to ensure that your property remains as beautiful as ever.

Landscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting illuminates your property pathways, patios, retaining walls and other features to provide a safe and pleasant environment for you and your guests.  Our team will successfully install paver lights, moonlights or downlights, as well as door and dock lights.  Limit your liabilities and improve the atmosphere of your property by contracting Lawn Butler to install hardscape lighting.

Holiday Decorations

The Holiday Season is a wonderful opportunity for you to turn heads in the direction of your business.  We offer full installation of Christmas lights, wreaths, bows and decorations to give your property a captivating and festive appeal. We will thoroughly decorate trees, roofs, entry ways, courtyards and flower beds.  We also offer full-service take-down when the season ends so you don’t have to worry about it. Take your holiday decorating to the next level this year with Lawn Butler’s extensive decorating services.



I highly recommend Lawn Butler. They are a company you can trust. I truly feel like their impeccable services has added value to our properties.

Matt C,
Property Manager


At Lawn Butler, we work hard to prove how hassle-free your property can be when you hire us. It's a simple philosophy shared by all our staff: That the trust you place in us to take care of your property is a privilege we have to earn, And if you give us the chance, we will earn it.

When we take on a project, you'll find all that's left for you is to relax and literally enjoy the view.