Green Team

Utah Irrigation and Fertilization Experts

The Green Team is Lawn Butler’s very own group of licensed Utah irrigation and fertilization experts. Our Green Team specializes in keeping your lawn and landscape green. Licensed by the Department of Agriculture: our team is managed by only the most skilled Irrigation and Fertilization Technicians in the state of Utah.  When it comes to getting specialists to your landscaping site, it has never been easier.

Fertilizer is crucial to promoting healthy and vigorous plant growth. Lawn Butler employs some of Utah’s best plant-health experts.  We can help answer any of your questions and provide hands-on solutions for all of your landscaping needs.

When spring arrives and freezing temperatures cease, it’s time to turn on irrigation systems and start watering again. However, when you do so, several very important steps are required to ensure that damage is not inflicted upon pipes or irrigation components. Our Green Team comes fully equipped with all the skills and tools needed to successfully transition between seasons and to take your property to the next level of green.


Green Team Services

Lawn Fertilizing

Your lawn requires a mixture of gasses and minerals in order to grow and look its best.  Green grass is healthy grass, so it is important that it receives the nutrients it needs for optimal health.  With our Utah fertilization services; our Green Team will fertilize your lawn so that it is adequately equipped to be healthy, green and bright.

Shrub and Tree Fertilizing

Shrubs and Trees need a combination of essential nutrients in order to fulfill their potential. Fertilizer is made of these essential components. Our team will provide extensive fertilization services to allow your trees and shrubs look their absolute best.

Irrigation Repairs

You can have a fantastic irrigation system to keep your lawn and plants hydrated and healthy, but sometimes your sprinkler system needs attention.  Our qualified team of experts can promptly fix any issues with your complicated irrigation system.

Sprinkler Systems Install

Just as sprinkler systems are difficult to repair: they are also challenging to install.  Lawn Butler will install sprinklers on your landscape to ensure that your grass and plants remain as healthy as ever.  Don’t waste your precious time installing an irrigation system to your landscape; Get a highly effective and durable sprinkler system by letting Lawn Butler’s Utah irrigation team do all of the heavy-lifting for you.

Tree Treatments

It is crucial to maintaining your plants’ life longevity and health by protecting them from insects and disease.  Lawn Butler provides top-of-the-line tree treatments to improve your trees’ life spans and overall health.  Our highly-skilled team of Utah arborists can effectively diagnose tree illnesses and propose an appropriate remedy to the problem. Our licensed pesticide applicators will spray the tree with a formula that is designed to target the specific species of insect or disease that has invaded your tree.  Let our Green Team protect your plant life from insect invasion and disease: for a beautiful and healthy landscape year after year.

Seasonal Start-up and Shut-down

If irrigation systems are not effectively modified for the winter season, severe damage can occur and yield hefty repair-expenses down the road.  In Utah, it is crucial that irrigation systems are winterized before the coldest months of the years.  Winterizing your landscape involves more than simply shutting off the system and draining the valve.  Lawn Butler will take all of the necessary steps to drain the main line, winterize backflow, and address other requirements for effective irrigation shut-down.  Lawn Butler will not only shut off sprinkler systems for the winter, but we will also get everything running again when the weather warms up.


I continue to give them my annual contracts for both landscape and snow removal and genuinely enjoy working with them. I wholeheartedly recommend them if you’re looking to make your property look amazing.

Jill R,
Property Manager


At Lawn Butler, we work hard to prove how hassle-free your property can be when you hire us. It's a simple philosophy shared by all our staff: That the trust you place in us to take care of your property is a privilege we have to earn, And if you give us the chance, we will earn it.

When we take on a project, you'll find all that's left for you is to relax and literally enjoy the view.