Featured Project: Sandy Residential

Featured Project: Sandy Residential

Project Name: Sandy Project

Project Location: Sandy, Utah

Landscaped Area: Residential Lot

Project Value: $140,000

Work by other Trades: Rock Wall & Steps, Pool, Concrete and Fence

Completion: 2016

This project located in Sandy was a full landscape installation on a new build residential home.  Our goal with this project was to take the lot, which was on slope, and maintain as much usable space as possible. Overall this project was performed without many difficulties. Other than the usual time constraints and working with other trades things worked out flawlessly.

We wanted to establish plantings that would fill the area when they reached maturity. Additionally, some criteria for plantings was to maintain the views of the valley below.  Correct spacing and selection was crucial to achieve these goals. Larger trees were strategically placed in front of neighboring homes. Not only were these species correct to block these homes in the future but the trees were also a size up larger than the remainder of the landscape to add value without a drastic price increase.

One features that adds value at night was the use of LED low voltage landscape lights. Landscape lighting can add that last effect that turns a good project into a great project. Lighting not only serves the function of lighting a pathway during the night but it also adds a dramatic effect on trees at night that would not otherwise be experienced. Lighting can additionally add the value of security. A well-lit landscape could deter would be criminals.

Drainage in general is something that isn’t generally noticed until it’s an issue. And when it’s an issue usually it’s a big issue. On this project, we incorporated precautionary measures to prevent those big issues. We installed 4” PVC drain pipe to collect all of the roof water at the gutter downspouts. We also connected a few catch boxes with 6” PVC pipe in the lawn areas to prevent unnecessary pressure on retaining walls and collect excess rainwater. In the lower grass area, we incorporated a retention basin. This gives additional capacity during large storms. While most of these items were implemented as discreetly as possible their function proves invaluable during high moisture weather events.

I enjoyed working on this project.  It’s great to be a part of something custom and unique. This house and landscape is one of a kind. There are a lot of moving parts on a project of this scale and several parties need to collaborate to achieve the best possible product. As can be seen by this project with a little extra effort a lot can be gained. It’s all in the little details.