About Us

When Lawn Butler was first formed the idea of providing outstanding service was at our very core. Our mission then and is still now today is to provide best in class service. We do this through ourunwavering dedication in ensuring our customers and employees are always taken care of.

We have a philosophy that your landscape management should be a no-hassle experience. When hiring the right team, things should happen seamlessly in the background. Our highly trained and professional staff makes sure that all you needs are meet.

Our company model is built on three pillars;

  • Customer needs always come first
  • Service of the highest caliber
  • Guaranteed and competitive pricing

That’s why Lawn Butler has received many awards and has been named as the Top Landscaper in the Nation by TLC. We take our customers and their needs seriously every time. When you are looking for a dedicated and passionate team to work with, then you should consider Lawn Butler.