40 Under 40

40 Under 40

In March of 2014 Rudy Larsen President of Lawn Butler received the Forty under 40 award for being one of the most successful people in Utah under the age of 40. Below is what Utah Business Magazine wrote about him in the March edition;

Rudy Larsen launched Lawn Butler the summer of 2006. The company now employs more than 100 full-time individuals and has grown at a rate of 300 percent the past three years.

But times weren’t always so sunny for Larsen, who struggled to keep growing his business through the Great Recession. When searching for a business loan, he says banks were reluctant to take him seriously because of his young age. But he never gave up and eventually secured a loan, which enabled him to purchase five trucks and additional equipment. “I was 100 percent committed to making [the company] work and 18 months later I paid off the loan,” he says. “Still to this day, my age has been a hard thing for some to look past, but it hasn’t slowed me down in accomplishing my goals.”

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